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TissoT Real-Estate
TissoT Real Estate
Lausanne : +41 21 729 30 31
Genève : +41 22 301 30 31
Lugano : +41 91 648 30 31
Zürich :
+41 44 770 30 31
St. Gallen :
+41 71 222 30 31
Basel :
+41 61 631 30 31
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In a very uncertain property market, getting a return on an investment, whether in good times or in situation of economic crisis, requires a global analysis.
Choosing the best methods of analysis both financial and architectural or constructive  depending on the moment,but mostly focusing on the increase of the value over time, applies many factors, but especially the future income of the property.
The analysis of the market; its situation, its estimation, its evolution, its long-term speculation is essential and must be done by professionals who will offer you the key to your success.
Our market knowledge, our expertise, our extensive network of contacts and qualified private investors, institutional or other purchasers, potential sellers and buyers, allows us to be in the right place at the right time. We can thus offer the possibility to identify the investment property you are looking for, increasing the chances of succeeding in your investment and in its value over time.
For any information, you can contact us by phone +41 21 729 30 31, by email or by filling out our contact form. We will not fail to call you back as soon as possible and with utmost discretion.
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