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TissoT RealEstate
TissoT Real Estate
Lausanne : +41 21 729 30 31
Genève : +41 22 301 30 31
Lugano : +41 91 648 30 31
Zürich : +41 44 770 30 31
St. Gallen : +41 71 222 30 31
Basel : +41 61 631 30 31

Operating the largest luxury fleet available for charter in the world today, we offers huge diversity. Whether you are planning a family holiday, a catch up with friends, a jet-set adventure or significant corporate event; our fleet includes the very best in design, technology, décor, entertainment, recreational equipment and, most importantly, crew.

At TissoT Yachts, we passionately believe that your charter experience should combine freedom with unsurpassed indulgence. Tailor-made to your individual wishes, we happily cater for every scenario.

Perhaps you are seeking the privacy to regroup with family, enjoy long, romantic meals or try out the newest toys and tenders as you explore the coastline and water with friends. A luxury yacht charter is whatever you need it to be: but always underpinned by privacy and exceptional, discreet service.

Flexibility and variety are the greatest indulgences of a yacht charter. No other holiday offers gourmet cuisine and sumptuous accommodation with a changeable backdrop of superlative cities, coastlines and islands and the prospect of new experiences every day. This is your charter. Go when and where you want, with whom you want. We will ensure that your charter holiday exceeds your expectations.

Sunrise Yachts - Splendide Irimari 2015 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Sunrise Yachts Irimari
Trinity Yachts - Splendide Trinity 142 2005 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Trinity Yachts Trinity 142
Heesen - Splendide Mac Brew 2002 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Heesen Mac Brew
Logos Marine - Splendide Meya Meya 2010 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Logos Marine Meya Meya
Maiora - Splendide 23S 2008 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Maiora 23S
Pershing - Splendide Pershing 90 2009 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Pershing Pershing 90
Peri Yachts - Splendide Quantum 2007 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Peri Yachts Quantum
Proteksan Turquoise - Splendide Mosaique 2002 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Proteksan Turquoise Mosaique
Benetti - Splendide Classic 35 2001 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Benetti Classic 35
Amels - Splendide Sarah 2002 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Amels Sarah
Marti 80 - Splendide Pearl 1998 TissoT Yacht Charter  Switzerland
Marti 80 Pearl
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