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TissoT Real Estate
Lausanne : +41 21 729 30 31
Genève : +41 22 301 30 31
Lugano : +41 91 648 30 31
Zürich : +41 44 770 30 31
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Basel : +41 61 631 30 31
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As an owner, you tried to sell your property on your own or you have entrusted your property to a friend, or a third ... the results are inconclusive, you have difficulties to sell ? A typical scenario that our brokers regularly bump in.
The sale of a property requires a daily monitoring, high availability, expertise marketing before publicizing the property, market knowledge of the prices in your area, a regional, an extra-regional or even an abroad network of contacts.
A property which has been on the market for too long is said to be dead, potential customers are skeptical about its value, its quality. From the customer's view, if a house has been on sale for too long, surely there should be something wrong about it ... a sentence often heard !
Our know-how, our different methods of targeted approach to the market, our customers network,  will help you sell your item quickly and at no additional charge.
We will help you every single step to allow you to sell as soon as possible, by advice, by contractual relationship with former partners, by developing the value of your property, you will always be involved in any actions we'll take if you wish to. The sale of your property becomes our challenge, and our goal is to be successful !
Please contact us and we will explain in more details our approach to this success so important to you .