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TissoT Real-Estate
TissoT Real Estate
Lausanne : +41 21 729 30 31
Genève : +41 22 301 30 31
Lugano : +41 91 648 30 31
Zürich :
+41 44 770 30 31
St. Gallen :
+41 71 222 30 31
Basel :
+41 61 631 30 31
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You own a parcel or a plot in a building area or in process to become one, your property, weather small or big, partially available or entirely, in a the countryside or in the city, can become an interesting source of instant revenue or annuity.
Whatever you decide to sell, we will be able to offer you several proposals, enabling you to choose the one that will meet your expectations, taking into consideration a financial, heritage and tax optimization.
Our portfolio of clients from all locations, that might be interested, allows us the possibility to offer a range of solutions, giving you the opportunity to choose the one that will better meet your needs, and transactional perspectives.

You need any information or contact? Please contact us by phone at +41 21 729 30 31, by email or by filling out our contact form. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

« When you entrust us with your asset, we strive to offer you the best »